Medical Malpractice Defense

i-context-madicalMalpracticeAt Law Feehan Adams, LLLP, Richard  Law and Michael Feehan lead a team of legal professionals in defending healthcare providers and organizations against medical malpractice lawsuits.

Our medical malpractice defense team provides legal guidance throughout the entire course of the case: from pre-suit investigation and risk assessment to discovery (including guidance on electronic medical records discovery) to settlement negotiations or trial and appeal. Our team of professionals includes registered nurses who bring invaluable expertise and insight into the breadth of medical issues inherent in a malpractice case.

Defense of Medical Professionals

We defend medical professionals in cases involving:

  • Surgical errors, Lasik surgery errors
  • Errors in childbirth resulting in birth injuries, negligent obstetrical care and midwife care
  • Medication errors by pharmacists, doctors and nurses
  • Failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis

Liability defense for healthcare agencies and medical practices

We regularly defend hospitals, clinics, and health-related businesses facing claims regarding negligent hiring, improper staffing and negligent credentialing.

The demand for electronic medical records discovery is a burgeoning niche within the context of healthcare litigation. Because many healthcare facilities have had to (or soon will) switch to electronic medical records, more and more plaintiff’s attorneys are requesting access to electronic data. Currently much of this data is on proprietary software. Allowing access to this data can pose burdensome complications and can be expensive to accommodate. We can advise you on the nuances of these discovery requests to minimize the burdens imposed by this type of discovery.

Risk Management

A medical malpractice dispute can highlight areas of weakness within a business that pose a risk for future lawsuits. We work with clients proactively to identify potential risks to their business so they can take action to minimize liability and exposure. We advise healthcare agencies on regulatory compliance matters and provide counsel on policies and procedures.

Contact our Houston medical malpractice defense attorneys to discuss the risks you or your business face with regard to liability in a medical negligence lawsuit. We handle every type of medical malpractice claim, including complex, multi-party, high-exposure cases in Texas state, federal and appellate court.