Environmental Law

i-context-environmentalAs environmental law attorneys in Houston we represent clients in the petrochemical industry and other industries charged with violating environmental regulations and laws. With years of experience representing large, multinational defendants in the toxic tort arena, both throughout the state of Texas and nationally we have handled a variety of environmental law claims.

Our clients face claims stemming from the manufacture, installation, handling, sale and disposal of chemicals and other allegedly hazardous substances. If you are under investigation for an environmental law crime, Department of Justice prosecutors must prove that you intended to violate an environmental regulation or law such as the Clean Water Act, Oil Pollution Act, CERCLA, Clean Air Act, OSHA or the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Whether or not the alleged violation was intentional, our experienced team of attorneys knows how to aggressively defend these charges and get your business the best result possible.

We Aggressively Defend Contamination Lawsuits in Texas

Mitigating the potential financial liability and the negative exposure to your business in an environmental law action are the primary concerns. We develop a concise strategy to fight hard to resolve these matters favorably with the big picture in mind.

We stay informed about the evolving environmental laws. You can have confidence in our knowledge and high-quality legal representation no matter what your charge under state or federal law, including:

  • Soil contamination
  • Air pollution (releasing toxic substances into the air)
  • Illegally dumping chemicals
  • Chemical exposure/chemical spills
  • Wetland destruction
  • Navigable waterway pollution/water contamination
  • Mishandling hazardous material
  • Erosion

We also protect companies from unmerited personal injury claims such as toxic tort claims.