Healthcare Law

i-context-healthcareLawThe team of healthcare attorneys at Law Feehan Adams, LLLP represents clients across all sectors of the healthcare community, including:

  • Not-for-profit and for-profit healthcare and hospital systems, free-standing emergency medicine and imaging centers, physician’s associations, eye surgery and eye care centers, pharmacies, long-term care, acute care facilities and psychiatric facilities
  • Skin care centers, laser hair removal businesses and other technology-intensive aesthetic-oriented businesses requiring licensure
  • Individual physicians in all subspecialties, nurses, chiropractors, nurse midwives, pharmacists and allied healthcare professionals
Experience At Work

The healthcare team, led by attorney Richard M. Law & Michael C. Feehan, provides comprehensive legal counsel to assist healthcare clients with the operation of their business and to analyze potential risks to their business so they can take action to minimize liability and exposure. Our Houston healthcare litigation lawyers represent clients in malpractice defense, including complex, multi-party, high-exposure litigation and appellate court representation.

  • Board representation
  • Managed care matters
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Regulatory compliance and policy guidance, particularly with relation to the requirements of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • HIPPA requirements, including establishment of procedures in the event of a high-tech disclosure (HITCH) in violation of patient privacy
  • General liability matters
We Are Texas Medical Malpractice Representation Law Firm Specialists

As a Texas medical malpractice law firm we like to get involved as early as possible to resolve liability issues and contract disputes. As soon as a problem or challenge has been identified, we can begin to conduct pre-suit investigation and, when possible, to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Staying Ahead of the Changing Healthcare Landscape, Especially In Terms of Risk Management

Healthcare providers frequently have questions about how state and national legislation will affect them both professionally and personally. The healthcare attorneys of Law Feehan Adams, LLLP monitor these changes and can advise healthcare providers regarding legislative and regulatory requirements. In terms of Risk Management, we are consistently prepared to represent our clients on a range of matters including:

  • The healthcare attorneys at Law Feehan Adams, LLLP have handled matters in all fields of medicine, including birth injuries, anesthesia injuries, and other types of catastrophic injury through trial and appeal. They are prepared to address both the procedural aspects and the medical intricacies of a wide range of healthcare law matters..


  • Root cause analysis
  • Notice of claim investigations
  • Futility review and
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Medical staff credentialing, licensing and certification (while risk management and credentialing departments are different areas of business, they are often interlinked when considering risk to the business)
  • Peer review
  • HIPPA requirements and violations
  • Medical record retention policies

C Contact the attorneys in our Houston healthcare law practice to discuss these and other legal matters affecting your healthcare practice