Transportation Defense Litigation

i-context-transportationDefenseLiti Our transportation clients include every type of business, from multinational transportation conglomerates to sole proprietorships in the transportation industry. We provide legal counsel and trial court representation to mass transit bus companies, school bus companies, police and ambulance services, hotel shuttles, trucking companies, taxi companies, shuttle and limousine services, delivery services and other commercial vehicle companies. Our attorneys represent businesses as well as individual who face potential liabilities and lawsuits from injuries or losses.

We are seasoned negotiators and trial lawyers. We will support your interests throughout the dispute and help you develop strategies that will prevent future litigation.

Our transportation defense team, led by attorney Robert L (Larry) Adams, provides proactive legal advice to minimize risk and prevent litigation.

We fight vigorously to defend our clients’ interests in Texas state and federal courts in personal injury liability for accidents with catastrophic injuries resulting from:

  • Impaired operators
  • Maintenance failures
  • Defective parts (product liability claims)
  • DOT violations
  • Inadequate training programs
  • Policy failures
  • Negligent entrustment issues (driver screening errors, repeated safety violations)

Our law firm will do everything we can to help you avoid or minimize financial exposure, working to resolve claims outside of court when possible. If trial is inevitable, we have the know how to earn a successful result at the courthouse. If you or your business require legal counsel or legal defense services, contact the Houston transportation defense attorneys to schedule a consultation.