Premises Liability

i-context-premisesLiabilityWhen you face financial liability because of an alleged injury on your property, the attorneys at Law Feehan Adams, LLLP, offer comprehensive legal counsel to minimize personal and business liability. Our team of experienced litigators will develop a strategy for successfully resolving your premises liability case.

Our firm represents retail stores, apartment complexes as well as hotel owners, in a wide range of premises liability matters including those involving serious injury and complex litigation such as:

  • Elevator, escalator and moving sidewalk injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Lack of effective warning signs
  • Inadequate security or lighting

We also represent clients in the petrochemical industry in matters of environmental law, including benzene exposure and asbestos/silica exposure. We have years of experience representing large multinational defendants in the toxic tort arena, both throughout the state of Texas and nationally. Our lawyers handle a variety of such claims that stem from the manufacture, installation, handling, sale and disposal of chemicals and other allegedly hazardous substances.


Keeping Costs in Mind

We know that mitigating the potential financial liability to your business in a premises liability action is a primary concern. We will work with you to create a litigation budget right from the start. We focus on cost-effective strategies to obtain positive results in a timely manner. At times, settling one claim opens a business up to further litigation and financial liability. In these cases, we develop a concise strategy to fight hard to resolve these matters favorably with the big picture in mind — knowing a favorable resolution may well protect your business against future legal action.